Page 19. Figure 2.2. Information. Relationships of the p distance and the Poisson correction (PC) distance with time.
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Page 22. Figure 2.3. Information. Gamma distributions of substitution rates among sites for different distribution parameters (a´s).
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Page 23. Figure 2.4. Information. Relationships of various distance measures with the proportion of amino acid differences (p).
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Page 24. Example 2.1. Estimation of evolutionary distances and the rate of amino acid substitution in hemoglobin a chains.
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Page 27. Example 2.2. Standard errors of Poisson Correction (PC) distances obtained by the analytical and bootstrap methods.
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The following are from the first printing of Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics:
Page 22, line 3. Change nucleotides to "amino acids."
Corrected in Sixth Edition
* To determine if you have a sixth edition look at the page before Preface. At the bottom you will find a number just above "Printed in the United States of America". If the last digit of that number is 6 the correction noted above with "Corrected in Sixth Edition *" has been made in your book.

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