Page 41. Figure 3.1. Information. Estimates of the number of nucleotide substitutions obtained by different distance measures when actual nucleotide substitution follows the Tamura-Nei model.
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Page 41. Example 3.1. Number of nucleotide substitutions between the human and rhesus monkey cytochrome b genes.
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The following are from the first printing of Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics:
Page 35. Table 3.2, line 9. Change to " ".
Corrected in Sixth Edition
Page 40, line 7. Change (1985a) to "(1985b)".
Corrected in Sixth Edition

Page 40. Equation 3.24. Change gAgGgR to "gAgGgY".
Corrected in Sixth Edition *

* To determine if you have a sixth edition look at the page before Preface. At the bottom you will find a number just above "Printed in the United States of America". If the last digit of that number is 6 the correction noted above with "Corrected in Sixth Edition *" has been made in your book.

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